Scagel Fruitport Pocket Knife

William Scagel was the father of 20th century cutlery. Every modern custom knife maker owes a debt of gratitude to the the man who pioneered high quality custom knives in the United States. His attention to detail, style and functionality are legendary.

When we took on the responsibility of making Scagel® knives, we were determined to carry Bill's commitment to both form and function.

This is the second Scagel® pocket knife we produced. We worked with a number of excellent craftsmen and designers to make this knife.

Bill Scagel was a master at adapting traditional designs to his own end. This knife follows in that wonderful tradition.

Scagel Fruitport Pocket KnifeThis knife takes a 3 3/4" Dogleg frame and adds a single blade - either a Clip or a Wharncliffe. The blades are made from superbly heat treated 1095 High Carbon Steel. The liners are steel. The Scagel® arrowhead shield is pinned in place like Scagel used to do.

We produced the knife with two blade choices--either Wharncliffe or clip. The clip is a traditional slim jack with the Scagel® nail hole and shield. The Wharncliffe makes a flowing curved style with a very useful blade.

Four different handle materials were used--Stag, Elephant Ivory, Bone, and Ram's Horn. They are beautiful and tough.

Collectors and users will find the Fruitport Pocket Knife a valuable knife to own. We combined it with the Scagel PocketSlip to give a practical way to carry and keep your Scagel® knive beautiful while using it. Just like William Scagel would have wanted.

Scagel Fruitport
Scagel Fruitport